WEIGHT LOSS—links to blog post articles

High Intensity Workout for Weight Loss

Ultimate Goal: Zero Gram of Sugar

Avoiding Food Temptations

Appetite Regulating Hormones

What is Healthy Weight Loss?

Physical Self Care

Sleep More, Lose Weight

Obesity—it’s not Just About Looks!!!

Where’s your focus on food? What to eat or what not to eat?

Count the Cost for Weight Loss

Do you Really Want to be Thin?

Eat Slower for Weight Losshealthy weight loss

Weight Loss Maintenance

Self Talk Challenge

Healthy Snacks Enhancing Weight Loss

Size Matters

Color and Appetite

Mistaken Identity

 When to Eat for Weight Loss

Interval Training for Weight Loss

Change the Environment

Rebounding for Weight Loss

weight lossSupplements to Enhance Weight Loss

Habit Change Planning— the Plan D Way

Does God Care About Your Body Size?

All-or-Nothing Thinking in Habit Change

Resisting Food Temptations the Christian Way

14 Ways to Lose Weight

Beyond Thought Awareness

Uncommon Tip to Help with Weight Loss

Top 9 tips to Accelerate Weight Loss

Fitness—links to blog post articles

High Intensity Workout for Weight Losswoman stretching

Why Sitting is Bad for You

Physical Self Care

Benefits of Exercise

Count the Cost for Weight Loss

Benefits of Walking

weight loss and fitness blog articlesInterval Training for Weight Loss

Rebounding for Weight Loss

The Best Time to Exercise

Improvement Goals for your Exercise Routine

Easy Ways to Sneak in More Exercise

Get a “Why” for Exercising

How to Start a New Exercise Habit

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