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Where is your focus on food? What to eat or what not to eat? — 2 Comments

  1. Focusing on what to eat definitely takes time and
    energy, but I feel it is worth it. My New Year’s resolution is actually to eat
    better. I eat some foods that are healthy for me, like grass fed beef but I
    really need to start eating better all around. Even when I started eating grass
    fed beef it was hard because I didn’t know how to cook it. I now go on the La
    Cense Beef website and gets lots of wonderful my grass fed
    beef recipes
    . Now it is so easy. So, I guess my point is, any new
    challenge is difficult in the beginning but once you get the hang of it there
    is no stopping you. I am excited for my upcoming change!

    • Kara, Good for you for eating better!! I’m glad to hear that you found the recipes you needed. Sometimes it takes just a little extra work to find the one thing that is needed to help us make a shift. I’m glad you found it. You seem to understand the reality around the work involved in habit change. It IS work, but it is also well worth it!!