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Avoiding Food Temptations — 7 Comments

  1. Is there really “wrong and right foods” in God’s eyes? Or is it how we utilize the food we ingest? Now if your brother or sister in Christ is pained, distressed, hurt by the food…whole different situation: [Romans 14]. I do know what you are getting at though!

    • Every body is different so the list of what might not be “good” for you will be different from other people but most people have such a list. Sugar isn’t good for any one.

  2. Hi Cheryl, great article which is speaking to my current situation. Due to health reasons I am avoiding gluten and yeast, I already stay away from dairy but this really squeezes my list down.

    Anyway, I do much of what you say but now God is working on will power because food containing gluten is served almost everywhere. I keep on reminding myself of why I am doing this and focusing on what I will gain from not giving into temptation. For example this evening whilst at my mum’s house 2 large pizzas were ordered, I really wanted to have a slice but praise Yah I stood firm.

    • Will power is a very good thing but there is always a limited supply, hence prevention recommended as much as possible. Wheat (& gluten) are in everything though as you said, even things you wouldn’t suspect. Thank God He is helping you.

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    Thank you for your post. A couple of years ago I had to stop eating foods with wheat or gluten in it. At first it was incredibly hard, especially when I would smell freshly baked breads, or in a teashop surrounded by those eating wonderful cake. But, even when people said, ‘oh a bit won’t hurt etc…’ I knew it certainly wasn’t worth it. It might be nice to eat, but wouldn’t do me any good. So I focused on that, which helped enormously.