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Count the Cost for Weight Loss — 32 Comments

  1. Cheryl!  I so appreciate you!  I understand that sugar is my enemy and don’t want to go back to eating it.  I guess I can’t focus on the permanent, but rather the present.  I’m going to have to think about this like a recovering alcoholic and say at this moment, I chose not to eat that cake, or ice cream or whatever the sweet is.  The price is just too high for me to pay!  Thank you for all your words of wisdom.  Bless you!  Julie

  2. Yes, I do have to remember that it is really lifestyle changes more than dieting that is the focus of weight-wellness. Thanks.

  3. Cheryl, I love how you tied the mental preparedness into this article. You are so right…if your mind isn’t where it needs to be, losing weight is a real uphill battle. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for this great motivational article!  I think the biggest obstacle can at times be our minds. Our minds can really hold us back from experiencing the best in life, including losing weight!  Thanks for sharing!  

  5. Great article. It’s not easy to make the decision to lose weight, people have to understand what to expect and how to keep motivated! Mindset is important! I have started a virtual coaching programme, and I made it inexpensive because so many charge a fortune for something that should be accessible by everybody!

    • Exactly! That’s why I address my clients thinking habits—-without our thoughts/mind in the right place it will be much harder, if not impossible, to succeed. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Cheryl,
    Thank you so much for sharing.  I found several tips I can now use for myself.  I have lost 81 pounds and I am starting to feel so much better than I did.  Wishing you an amazing day!
    You Can Do Social

  7. ‘Is the pain of not changing, greater than the pain of changing?’ Great question.  Sometimes I only answer this after i’ve already ‘faked it’ so I could ‘make it’ another step towards my goal.  Then I’m always surprised at how much LESS pain I have when I am moving forward…in all areas really.  How much more so in the areas of health and exercise!  Great article!

  8. Great article outlining the steps to be ready for weight loss and fitness. Preparation mentally and planning your food are so vital to a successful program. Thanks, Cheryl!

  9. Excellent post! There are many ways and gadgets available to help you lose weight but it’s not until you are mentally prepared will you be able to stick with a routine which will then turn into a lifestyle. Thanks for sharing:)

  10. How much is this article needed today?! I think it’s real important to bring up what are you actually spending on your weight loss program and what are you getting in return.

    • Yes, there is a real cost, at least in time and effort if not also in money and it is important to keep that in mind before you start otherwise you will give up too soon. Thanks for commenting.

  11. I’m 50 pounds overweight and mentally prepped myself to work out more—- so that’s this year.  This year, I’m good about workouts.  Prepping myself for the mental preparation of changing my eating habits– that will be next year.  My weight loss will be EXTREMELY slow but right for my lifestyle.  Thanks for a great article!

  12. Weightloss might have a cost up front but if not paying something upfront. But, what might be the cost in the long run for not taking charge of your health?  Many health issues could come upon and that is more costly.

  13. The part about being ready to make permanent changes in your life is what I see people really struggle with.  Most everyone I know who’s lost weight has gone on a “diet,” lost the weight, stopped the diet and gained it all back!  Your article is a must-read for those beginning a weight loss journey.