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Eat Slower for Greater Weight Loss

Yes, it really is true, eating slower can help you lose weight. Doing this one thing may  be enough to literally tip the scale towards weight loss.

Helps with the appetite

Eating slower helps your appetite catch up with you. Scientists tell us that it takes about 20 minutes for the food we eat to register enough in our brain to make us start to feel less hungry. If we eat too fast, we eat past the point where we would have felt full and therefore we end up eating more and usually too much.

Helps with digestion

If we are unhurried and eat slower (which usually means more chewing) we digest our food better. And we are not really what we eat, but we are what we digest and assimilate.

Helps us enjoy the food more

If we are eating slower we are enjoying the taste more and isn’t that one of the main reasons we eat so much, because we like the taste? When you eat fast, you have to eat more to get the same taste satisfaction. Slow down and eat more mindfully (don’t multitask while you’re eating) and you will see I’m right.

Less stressful all around

Who wants to be in a hurry anyway? Being in a hurry equals being under stress. Slow down, chew your food more thoroughly and mindfully and you will reduce your stress.  Stress is known to increase the risk for obesity so less stress does the opposite.

Here is an actual scientific study that proves that if you eat slower you will eat less!



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