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Getting Closer to  God Series Part 10

getting-closer-to-God-series-part-10-bThis is the tenth post in a series to help you get closer to God. For links for other posts in this series,scroll down to the bottom.


As I said in one of my earlier post, prayer in its’ most basic essence is having a conversation with God back and forth. It involves both speaking and listening.

There are also several components of prayer or things that we can do that are considered to be prayer. Asking God for things for ourselves, asking God for things for others (intercession), praising God for His character, thanking God for what He’s done, proclaiming or decreeing what God has declared in His Word, praying in tongues, singing to God—-all these and more are consider to be prayer.

I encourage you to explore each of those aspects, if you have not done all of them already. Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit (critical!). Admit to God that you don’t know how to pray (this is a very good first step!!).

Pray without ceasing. (1 Thess. 5:17) Throw up to God instant prayers—short arrow prayers. Have a heart always ready to pray.

Pray by yourself in your heart. Pray by yourself out loud. Pray in English. Pray in tongues. Pray for yourself. Pray for others.

Be silent before Him and listen.

Thank God. Praise God. Sing thanks and praise to God.

Proclaim what God has promised in His Word.

Pray with others. Pray in prayer groups.

Read books on prayer. Do Bible studies on prayer.

Most of all, just pray.

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  Important note: Technically, if you are a born again Christian you already are close to God. The Holy Spirit is living inside of you. How much closer can He get? But there is a place of feeling closer and of getting to know God better. That is what these posts are really all about.

Please share how you put into practice some of these suggestions around prayer.

Join the conversation. Share your ideas or questions in the comment form below.

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