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Getting Closer to God Series Part 2 — 5 Comments

  1. God and I are buddies, I chat it up with Him all day long. But I need to be more consistent with reading His Word every day. Setting aside that time has always yielded amazing insight since He can reveal wisdom to me that I otherwise miss. So, I need to be more purposeful, even when I am so busy, to read His Word daily. Thanks for the reminder Cheryl!

    • It seems like people have to try a little harder with one way or the other but God understands and He is so very gracious! You’re welcome for the reminder.

  2. Enjoyed and felt inspired by your message of walking and talking with God. There is a beautiful photo of Jesus in the prayer room at our spiritual centre. Looking into the eyes of the compassionate Jesus i feel closer to God as I hold the stone that says “I believe.” Thank-you for your message.