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Spiritual Intimacy or Spiritual Formation Coaching

  • Do you long to feel closer to God?spiritual intimacy coaching
  • Do you hunger and thirst after God but don’t know how to connect with Him?
  • Is your prayer life dull or boring and you wonder if God is even hearing you?
  • Do you feel a blockage between you and God?
  • Do you feel distracted or unorganized in your spiritual disciplines?
  •  Are you feeling far away from God and don’t even know where to begin to start seeking Him?
  • Has your relationship with God simply grown stale and you don’t know how to invigorate it?
  • Would you like your coach to operate from a sound biblical and Christian perspective?
  • Do you want prayer permeating all aspects of your coaching relationship?
  • Would you like your coach to be led by the Holy Spirit throughout the entire process?


spiritual formation coachingIf you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, spiritual intimacy coaching with me may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Working with me as your personal spiritual intimacy coach will help you…

  • Eliminate unwanted spiritual habits, including bad thinking habits
  • Develop strong spiritual disciplines and habits
  • Get the accountability you need to be successful in your spiritual walk with God
  • Get prayer support to help you be effective in your efforts
  • Learn biblical principles to guide you in your relationship with the Lord
  • Get affirmation and encouragement to keep on going…

For more information all about spiritual intimacy or spiritual formation coaching please visit my spiritual formation coaching services page.

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  • Email me through the CONTACT page
  • Leave me a phone message at 615.567.3288





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