Asking God Questions — 15 Comments

  1. Great post Cheryl! I often think of God as a friend–someone to confide in. I have a running conversation with Him all day long!

  2. These are some great questions I must say… Isn’t it awesome that God loves our questions? Being a person of thousand questions, this is something I really appreciate about Him 😉

  3. Great post! Reminds me of one of my favorite books–Grumble, Hallelujah! In it, the author reminds us that it’s ok to be mad at God, to tell Him we don’t understand what’s going on–but we can also grumble a “hallelujah!” because we still trust Him! 🙂

  4. Cheryl thank you for this post! I see quite a few questions in thee list that I need answers to from God. I’m starting with “Who do I need to forgive and for what?” Powerful!

    • Yes, that one is a powerful one! Don’t be surprised if the answer is yourself. Believe it or not, that forgiving yourself seems to be the hardest of all!

  5. Such great questions! It is so important to ask God if we have something or someone to forgive, if we need to repent and if something is standing in the way of His Will. If we miss these things, they can block our communication with God. Letting Him point out what we may be too busy or too uncomfortable to acknowledge opens us up to a closer connection with God. Thank you for reminding me to start my prayers with such questions!

    • Yes, those are some very important questions, but there are so many more we could ask, too. This was just the beginning to get you started.

  6. I kind of like to think of your article the way my 3 year old started asking me ALL sorts of questions. it was fun to see her discover the world and find out about things. i’m sure God looks at us with the same pleasure and is more than happy to respond!

    Kiyla fenell

  7. Hi this is cortez I have a question my life has been horable and so I. Was wanting your advice sadly I just started goin to church yesterday so I don’t know really what to do help?

    • If you have a Bible, start reading it. If you don’t, ask the pastor at your church for one. See if there is a cell group or Sunday school class you can get plugged into at this new church. You need other people around you to help you.