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Most people seem to know that sugar is not the best thing they should be eating for their good health. I know it helps me to be reminded of the reason “why” for things so I complied a list of reasons to avoid sugar for myself and my readers, taken from various sources on and offline.

Sugar Can…

  1. suppress the immune system
  2. contribute to weight gain and obesity
  3. weaken eyesight
  4. contribute to tooth decay
  5. contribute to diabetes
  6. increase the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease
  7. can cause depression
  8. can cause mineral deficiencies
  9. cause or feed candiasis
  10. cause or feed cancer cells
  11. promote wrinkling and aging skin
  12. cause hormonal imbalance
  13. damage the liver, kidneys or pancreas
  14. increase the risk of coronary heart disease
  15. cause depression
  16. cause arthritis
  17. cause headaches
  18. lead to formation of gallstones and kidney stones
  19. cause hypertension
  20. cause constipation
  21. lead to osteoporosis
  22. cause varicose veins
  23. contribute to adrenal fatigue
  24. cause hypoglycemia
  25. cause asthma
  26. contribute to eczema
  27. contribute to ulcers
  28. increase the risk of Crohn’s disease
  29. cause food allergies

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