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Book Review: Church on Sunday, Nothing on Monday by Keith Hammond

Church on Sunday, Nothing on Monday by Keith Hammond

This book is about getting outside of the church walls and getting out into the community to serve. That is a noble goal, since there are a lot of Christians who do “church on Sunday and nothing on Monday” and the rest of the week. For this reason, this book serves a useful purpose.

If you have been thinking that you should start serving in the community this book would be an excellent how-to beginner guide to get you started. Lots of good suggestions here. I am really glad that the author added in, to try them all, but to settle into one.

The reader will need to keep in mind where the author is coming from. He has experienced quite a bit of trauma and lack in the areas he suggests serving in—makes sense—he’s got experience to be compassionate in those areas. I’m also guessing that he must also have the gift of service because he uses the word “should” quite a lot. Of course to someone with that gifting it seems like a “should” to them. I recommend taking all “shoulds” in stride, or better yet, asking the Holy Spirit about them as it specifically relates to you.

I like the recommendations to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned, and to take care of orphans and widows because as the author pointed out they are mentioned by Christ as a crucial thing to do. I do feel that the author left out other possibilities. There are other ways to serve the community like working for a crisis pregnancy center or helping a ministry stop child slavery or helping people learn to read (in order to read their Bibles) or ministering to Jews. Or how about the scriptural mandates to heal (not just visit) the sick, and to cast out demons (as well as other things like that).

This book is best suited for Christians who have been slacking on their gift of service or who have never tried any areas of community service. I’m sure there are quite a few Christians out there who could use the “kick in the butt” this book contains for that area.

To purchase your own copy of this book go here: Church On Sunday Nothing On Monday: Going Beyond Church And Bible Study

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  1. Great balanced book review. I thought the author’s title was quite thought provoking. I’m sure it will cause many people to pick it up just to see where the author is coming from.

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