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Visual Artist Spotlight: Gail Austin

Gail AustinQ1.) When did you decide to become an artist?

A1. I have always been an artist.As I child I made mud pottery .. for real! I only recently decided to come out of the art closet and go public with my work.


Q2.) When, if at all, did you realize that God had called you to be an artist?

A2. During a almost paralyzing painful divorce I kept crying out to God to please please stop the pain or show me the value in it. One day I saw a friend was painting and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought paints and canvas I painted myself out of the pain. Now the painting is my happy place. It is the same joyful feeling I got as a child.


Q3.) Where did you receive your training?Gail Austin

A3. My mother is an amazing artist she continues to be my muse. As a child she loved all of my art work she still has the silly little crooked vase I sculpted at 12 years old.


Q4. )How did your training influence what you’re doing now?

A4. I would have to answer that saying love influenced me.


Q5.)Please describe your art style and medium and why you chose that particular one (or how God influenced this choice).

A5. I call my art bohemian freestyle. I live word art, and freestyle bold colors. I don’t specialize any any one genre yet. I paint with acrylic because it tends to dry fast and I don’t have to lose my creative thoughts.

love final

Q6.)What do you do or use to keep yourself inspired for your art work?

A6. I listen to music or sometimes I just sit quiet and ask God to paint it in my head first. Once after I posted a canvas a woman messaged me and said her daughter collected a heart and put it in a jar every time she had chemo and she knew when the jar was full that chemo would be over. I had no idea about that but I had just painted a jar with hearts in it for no reason. The woman said it made her daughter happy.


Q7.)In what ways do you incorporate God into your work?

A7. I trust the holy spirit to lead my heart by doing that my hands knows what to do.


Gail AustinQ8.) Is there a class or offer that you would like to share with my readers?

A8. I am currently in the process of putting a class together called “Paint Away Your Pain” is the temporary title maybe your readers can help me name the class. It will include a 2 hour class with supplies.The goal would be to teach someone how to use art to heal a broken heart.


Q9.) Any final thoughts about sharing your art work with my blog readers?

A9. I love what Andy Warhol said ” Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if its good or bad, whether or they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make more art”.


Gail Austin

ARTIST BIO: Gail Austin

Gail Austin is best described as creative and energetic. A native Mississippian she is a Writer, Painter, Graphic Design Artist, Life Coach, and a prayer warrior. With a passion for helping others overcome pain she devotes her life to projects that will lead her to the broken hearts God places in her path. Gail is 52, single and a vegan.


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Email: gailaustin500@gmail.com


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