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The Art of Journaling, Writing Your Script — 4 Comments

  1. I journal myself, and have been doing so off and on since a young age. I love journaling because as you say it requires me to time and opportunity to process my feelings and then to hand them over to God. It also gives me an opportunity to plan, map and work through my present and future goals and vision. I can say that journaling has been a life line to receiving healing in so many ways.

    • I love journaling, too. Been doing it for decades. I am thankful for Pamela for providing me with this guest post. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’m one of those people who appreciate journaling, but don’t do it enough. I too have journaled or written in a dairy since a child. One reason I stopped was because of an issue with my hand and wrist (similar to carpel tunnel but with a different name). When I was in counseling many years ago I got my first computer and typed volumes on it (I get better mileage typing than writing). That was my way of processing things, and it helped tremendously. Now I keep a hand-written spiritual journal, but am limited by how much I can physically write.

    Journaling helps me think through things, process them, and is wonderful for recording insights that I might otherwise forget. Thanks for sharing a post on this topic!

    • There is something about the process of handwriting that helps us to remember things (a brain function) but it also (experientially) helps us to heal our emotions. Thanks for your comment.