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My One Little Word for 2013 — 10 Comments

  1. Cheryl,
    So great to meet you. I too want to fix more on one word so I chose LIVE for 2013. Then I thought I might find one of God’s words each week to help me along the way. My first word was ENJOY and today’s word is TODAY. Hopefully I figure out how to do linkys but in the meantime I am inviting comments with links to your posts about a WORD.

    I love your scriptures for truth. Last year my word was TRUST and it helped me through a very difficult year.

    Janis http://www.janiscox.com

  2. That’s a great word choice. When I’m pushed against the wall, or stumbling in the dark, I ask myself, “What do I know to be TRUE.” I begin to recite truth and find it centers me.

  3. I love having word for the year too! Last year was “More” . . . More of Him . . . More Prayer . . . More Time in the word.

    This year my word is “Trust.” I am a very trusting person until someone gives me a reason not to. I feel I trust God with my whole heart and life. Yet just this past week God revealed to me an area I have not trusted him completely. For almost two years, God has been asking me “Do you trust me?” & I feel like Peter. “Yes, Lord, I trust You with all my heart.” But he kept bringing it up over and over. Till I realized there must be an area I am not trusting completely. I didn’t really see it till this week.

    Love it when God does this! Humbling yet so sweet. He shows me how much He loves me by patiently waiting for me to see!

  4. Thanks for sharing Cheryl I hadn’t heard about this before. I love the idea of having one word that guides you throughout the year and Truth is an excellent choice.

  5. I’ve never thought about choosing a single word for the year. Great choice, as …Truth will set you free! If I had to choose one word only for the upcoming year, I’d go with FAITH as I’m looking to learn how to trust Him more no matter what’s to come. I’m choosing to step outside of my comfort zone, get uncomfortable and get aligned even more with the purpose He has for my life.

    • Great word!! I encourage you to check out the websites I included to help you incorporate your word into your year….especially after a couple of months goes by to keep it fresh on your mind.