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Journal Gems—What is Most Important Part 3

My third post in a series on things God spoke to me in 2011. I hope these bless you as much as they blessed me!

How is this a waste of time?!?! [this being having personal devotional/quiet time] It’s NOT. It is the most crucial, most critical, vital, important, necessary thing you could possibly do. NOTHING compares to it. Not even physical eating! What is “life” without God? It’s not “life” at all! Do not be deterred, hindered, distracted from your first duty—to seek God daily and listen to His voice. That is IT. Not food, not exercise, not business, not family, not money, or health or ANYTHING even comes close to being worthy of a comparison to it. Do not forget.


Meditate on scripture. That is missing for you. Meditating is more important than memorizing and even reading! It’s in meditation that my word goes deep inside you taking root and starting to give life. Do NOT neglect this. This is the “help” you’ve been asking for.


What is more important than listening to God? Nothing! So stop being tempted to think so.


As vital and critical as listening to God is…it must be accompanied by obedience—DOING what He says!

What has God been speaking to you? Share in the comments below.

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