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Journal Gems—What is Most Important Part 2

My second post in a series on things God spoke to me in 2011. I hope these bless you as much as they blessed me!

Experience and obedience are crucial—just as crucial as faith and love. (This is not just having mental head knowledge but DOING whatever the truth is—owning the truth by experience with it—having a story or testimony around it.)


Quell that inner critic. There is no such thing as “productive” time apart from Jesus! He said, apart from Him we can do NOTHING! In order to be productive—to be “fruitful”, we must abide in the vine—abide, dwell, stay with Jesus constantly, consistently all the time.


Rejoice. Don’t be sad. Rejoice. Make a concerted effort to rejoice every day. This is one of your personal weak spots. Never mind what others think! Attend to your own personal weak spots by depending more and more on me. In this they will become your strengths—only in me. If you strive in self you will fail.


Trust that good will come. Here is a key to end hopelessness. Believe—actively believe that good will come. It MUST come as I have promised.

 What has God been speaking to you? Share in the comments below.

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  1. One of the biggest lessons I learned last year was that work can wait, but family, and relationships in general can’t. We all are replaceable, but how we touch the lives of those around us is what really matters. 

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