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Do you have a relationship with God or something else? — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Cheryl,

    This is such an important distinction, and one that I didn’t know growing up.  I really thought it was all about reading the Bible and keeping the rules.

    I am so thankful that God stepped in and showed me as an adult that this is an interactive relationship with the King of the Universe and the Lover of my Soul.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

  2. I totally agree!  This goes for the people who visit church once a week but never pray or take time for themselves to be in the spirit of prayer.  I believe prayer itself should not have any ‘rules.’ Your post helped me realize that I don’t pray as much as I just ‘talk’ to God …all day long and that little voice in my heard…well I like to think it’s Him talking back.

    •  Yes, that little voice in your head is God a lot of the times. To be sure, that’s where comparing it to scripture comes in. Does the voice agree with The Word?

  3. As someone who is directionally challenged, my first thought was, “I need a map AND a compass!” 🙂  Your article shows that’s true for all of us.

    I have felt for a long time that the teaching I’m currently under focuses almost solely on the principles and the rules, and shows us that adherence to these is the way to develop a relationship with God.  In my previous churches, there has been a strong emphasis both on the written word of God, and on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  There’s no way that a Christian can truly grow, change and accomplish the things of God without accessing both of these resources.

    Thanks for your insight, Cheryl.

  4. I have been “guilty” of following rules to try to be close to God. He loves me the same no matter what. I know how important it is to read God’s word and allow God to speak.  You  hit it on the head (or me on the head) with the words Following HIM not rules.  When I follow God in Jesus Christ I don’t have to “worry ” about rules.  I need to talk and listen and then act upon what I’m being told.  Thank you for the reminder to JUST FOLLOW HIM.

  5. Cheryl,
    This is such an important point!  Too many times, our focus on following the letter of the law, rather than the One who wrote it, causes us to lose focus on Him–and it also causes strife between believers.  Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I really enjoyed your article! I love the fact that you stated that a relationship works both ways and requires communication. Many people will talk to God but forget to listen to His response. Great post!