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A Taste of Art Journaling

A Taste of Art JournalingWhat is art journaling?

Art journaling or visual journaling is adding art to your written journal OR using only art to journal or chronicle anything in your life.

Most people use some type of journal to do art journaling. In other words, if you do this on a canvas it is not art journaling—it would be called mixed media painting or mixed media art instead.

Any type of journal or loose leaf paper will do…but heavier water color paper works best since most of the time there will be extra elements added to your page or water used.

A Taste of Art JournalingWhat art techniques can you use  in art journaling?

I’m not sure that anything is excluded!

You can:

  • collage
  • paint using a wide variety of paints (oil, watercolor, acrylic, craft, chalk…)
  • draw using a wide variety of materials (colored pencils, pens, markers, oil pastels, inks…)
  • doodleA Taste of Art Journaling
  • paste
  • rubber stamp
  • stencil
  • spray paints or inks
  • use stickers
  • sew in fabric
  • glue on fabric, wood, metal, paper…
  • use card-making techniques
  • use scrapbooking  techniques
  • mix any or all of the above together!

This was my taste of art journaling for you. More to come in the future…

Check out some of my art journaling pages in this video below:


taste of art journaling






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  1. What a wonderful way to journal. Sometimes words escape me but I’m sure I could create an art page! Thanks for sharing

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