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Visual Artist Spotlight: Sara Windsor

jewely by Sara WindsorQ1) When did you decide to become an artist?

 A1)Being an artists wasn’t really a decision I made consciously, rather being creative is simply something that is a part of me. I remember taking art classes through the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City when I was a child, drawing detailed pictures of ant picnics and simply loving anything creative from a young age. Throughout my life I participated in many artful activities from high school and college art classes, to creating scrapbooks for my children, and later making ATCs and some mixed media art. Finding myself unable to work outside the home due to chronic health issues I was able to devote more time to artistic endeavors. I started to give my mixed media art as gifts to family and was encouraged to try to sell it. This eventually led to a shop owner asking me to create unique jewelry to sell and I have been doing that for the past several years.

Q2) When, if at all, did you realize that God had called you to be an artist?

A2) Creating art has always been a joyful experience for me. As an adult I came to know that God gifted my soul with this skill and love for being creative. My art comes from my soul and I feel such joy in my soul when creating because I am using God’s gift and can share it with others. When it became time to name my business it didn’t take long to decide upon “the Creative Soul” and I feel it honors God’s gift to me.

Q3) Where did you receive your training?art by sara windsor

A3) As I mentioned, I have taken some formal art classes throughout my life. At this point in my life I seek out people and places that continue to help me grow as an artist. Pinterest is a great source for looking at all kinds of art to see what has been created in the past and what artists are making now. You Tube and other artist’s blogs help me to learn new techniques and to learn what kind of new supplies are available for mixed media art. People are so generous with sharing their knowledge and skills…such a blessing. I must say that I have had absolutely no training at all in creating jewelry, but rather learn and improve my skills as I go along. What I know about creating jewelry really does come straight to my soul from God.

Q4)How did your training influence what you’re doing now?

A4)The formal training I have had has given me some really good basic art skills to build upon and grow from. Learning from other artists currently allows me to see and feel many different styles of art and helps me to identify what I like, what I want to create and how I want to do it.

Q5)Please describe your art style and medium and why you chose that particular one (or how God influenced this choice).

A5) For both jewelry and mixed media art I love to use a combination of antique, vintage and modern day supplies in whatever I create. I have a real passion for things of times past, for honoring what and who came before us. I believe that in life we go far when we take what we learn or like from the past and incorporate it into our current lives…my art reflects this. I love to hunt around for interesting antique and vintage items from old papers to hardware, buttons, watches, etc, then use them in my art.

art by sara windsor

Q6)What do you do or use to keep yourself inspired for your art work?

A6) Many things inspire me in creating….nature, quotations and inspirational words, colors, other artist’s work, the antique and vintage pieces themselves or things that are happening in my life. I actively expose myself to these things, often through the computer because it has such a far reach. But, also paying attention to how I react to things and how I feel is very important.

jewelry by sara windsorQ7)In what ways do you incorporate God into your work?

A7) God is a part of everything I create! I feel His presence whenever I am creating and it makes it such a joyful process. I also like to include inspiring words in jewelry and art sometimes as a way of spreading the goodness of God and everything He has given to us.

Q8) Is there a class or offer that you would like  to share with my readers?

A8) At this time I don’t offer any classes so I would love to offer your readers a 25% discount in my etsy store using the coupon code “READERS25” upon checkout. You can visit my store and offerings at www.theCreativeSoul.etsy.com  I also offer custom work using some of your own family pieces or special items you would like to include in jewelry or art. Just send me a message through my etsy shop and I will get back with you.

Q9) Any final thoughts about sharing your art work with my blog readers?

A9) I would like to thank you and all of your readers for your interest in my creative work. It really is the connection with others through my art that I enjoy so much…I love to make new friends all over the world this way. To see more of my work and get to know me a bit better I would love to have you visit my blog.

photo of Sara WindsorARTIST BIO: Sara Windsor

Sara Windsor creates jewelry and mixed media art through God’s gift of creativity to her soul. She honors the past and the influence it has on the present by using a combination of antique, vintage and modern day supplies in whatever she creates. She lives at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri and is blessed to have a loving husband and three amazing children. Please visit her blog at www.thecreativesoulsara.wordpress.com and feel free to leave your thoughts or questions. You can see her offerings for sale at her shop “the Creative Soul” at www.theCreativeSoul.etsy.com.

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  1. I love Sara’s creativity, her willingness to share her knowledge with others. Congratulations on the interview. I look forward to seeing more of Sara’s creative work.

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