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Inspiration to Pray part 2 — 12 Comments

    • Most of us neglect prayer at one time or another, usually when things are going well. God knows we need reminders. Lots of the stuff on my blog is mostly for me! (I need the reminders.)

  1. Great reminders for daily praying and establishing RELATIONSHIP with Abba Father. How does this coincide with your relationship with god and others around you. Just curious.

    • Glad you liked the reminders. Not sure what you meant with your question. I try to pray often for myself, others, ministries, lost people, people groups, lots of stuff. I consider prayer to be fundamental to my relationship because relationship involves communication and communication is talking and listening, which prayer is.

  2. There’s nothing more important than staying in connection with the power source. Without God, I am nothing and I can do nothing. Keep on reminding us that God alone has power to enable us to do what He has called us to do. I think this is the area most of us struggle with the most. You can never pray too much, but most of us don’t even make it a daily priority at the top of our list where it belongs.

    • I think western Christians have more of a problem with this. We have so many distractions and other responsibilities that constantly vie for our attention. Then, there’s just being human and needing reminders…

  3. Prayer is hard work and the devil loves to distract us from this warfare. I find it easier to be in the Word than to keep in prayer for any length of time. Thanks for these great quotes. Blessings, Amy

    • I know what you mean. Sometimes we can have our “devotions” and not connect with God at all! Ask me how I know!