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Honor Your Father and Mother

In a very small way I am choosing to honor my father and my mother by listing out some of the positive things that stood out to me growing up or that I took away from their example of living. More than the usual, everyday things like my dad going to work every single day for over 40 years to earn a living for his family and more than the many dinners my mother cooked or the piles of dishes and laundry that she cleaned….(but no less thanks for those things!)

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of the very many day-trips and vacations to parks, museums, tourist sites and beaches.

Thank you Mom and Dad for all of the neighborhood Labor Day picnics that you helped plan and host.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the special activities like Girl Scouts, summer camps and piano lessons.

Thank you Mom and Dad for taking me faithfully to church for the first ten years of my life.

Thank you Mom for making sure we got good dental care and had proper-fitting shoes (some things that you did not always have growing up).

Thanks Mom for instilling in me your love of animals, especially of horses and dogs.

Thank you Mom for introducing me to crafts, helping me have good posture and for your young-looking genes.

Thanks Mom for giving me my first horse, Treasure.

Thank you Dad for my love of books, reading and libraries by example and by putting me in a book club and driving me to the local library regularly.

Thanks Dad for my early interest in nutrition, via your books.

Thank you Dad for your example of punctuality, general reliability and fast walking.

Thanks Dad for helping me get that job at GM where I met my husband.

Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad.



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  1. Aww, such as sweet blog! Especially with Mother and Father Days coming up.  I am going to call my dad right now and tell him how much I appreciate him… and his birthday is tomorrow!

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