Guest Blogger Guidelines

Please read this entire post before submitting your items.

Guest Blog Posts:

I very much welcome guest blog posts if they fit with the current themes of my blog and certain other guidelines detailed here. First of all, my audience is Christian women in general, so I will not accept any articles targeted only at men or that are not suitable for Christians. In order for your article to be coming from a like-minded viewpoint, you will need to be a Christian yourself.

My current theme topics are:

  • Christian devotional or Bible-study-like articles (for example on prayer, praise, worship, spiritual disciplines, inner healing, attributes of God, faith, hope, peace, love, humility, joy, obedience, physical healing, prophecy, spiritual warfare, miracles, godly character, spiritual gifts, biblical affirmations, Bible character studies, etc.)
  • Christian book reviews
  • Christian book excerpts
  • Christian coaching
  • Creativity in art
  • Christian art or art journaling
  • Christian life coach interviews
  • Christian author interviews (open to those authors where I have already reviewed your book)
  • Christian visual artist interviews

Please don’t worry that you may be my “competition” in a certain area. I welcome articles from people who not only serve the same audience but also have similar services and products to offer them. I want the Christian women I serve to get want they truly need and I can’t nor am I supposed to help everyone.

I will not accept overly “salesy” articles—instead please provide real value and a short, high quality bio to go along with your article. The best way to know what type of posts I publish would be to look at what is published on my blog now. Most, but not all, of my blog posts are also on the static pages of my website. To see past guest blogger post go to the tab above that says guest blog posts.

I will consider articles that give real value and are of high quality. Articles need to be original, never-before-published and free from anyone else’s copyrights.  It also must not be re-published on the web AFTER it is published on my site.

All articles will be proofread and edited to some degree but I can’t guarantee perfect proofreading. If the editing is more than spelling or small basic grammar errors, I will let you know so you can approve the changes. Please do not be offended if I ask for changes.

Submission does not guarantee publication. If accepted, you will receive an email with publication date and link. Once published, I ask that you promote your article within your own circle of contacts on social media and to put a link on your website back to your article on my website.

I cannot guarantee a certain date for publication. Posts (if chosen for publication) are usually published within two weeks but I can’t guarantee that. Please allow up to several weeks.


Submission Guidelines:

  • articles need to be between 200-800 words; longer ones need to be broken up into part 1, part 2 etc.
  • proofread for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting
  • include subtitles on separate lines in bold
  • make your paragraphs short, no more than 4 sentences
  • use bulleted lists where appropriate
  • include at least one properly credited picture from a creative commons or public domain site that illustrates your blog post topic as an email attachment
  • up to one link in the body and up to two links in the bio will be “live'”
  • include one professional headshot pic as an email attachment (it must be a separate attachment and not part of a word doc)
  • include a 4-6 sentence professional bio with  contact info and up to two links to your desired website or social media page (this can include an offer or sales page) as an email attachment
  • put the entire article in the body of the email OR attach as a microsoft wordpad doc OR attach as a microsoft Word doc (Do not attach as a pdf file or any other type of file.)
  • after publication, post a link to your blog post back onto your website and post links to it to your social media sites
  • Questions and submissions should be directed to my contact page
  •  Visual Artist Interview Guest Bloggers will need to also provide include two to four pictures of your work OR one youtube video of you work. All artwork you submit must be your own.You are responsible for any needed or wanted “watermarking” before submission
  • For blog “interviews” you will be provided with questions to answer via email


Syndication to expect from my end:

I will try to let you know ahead of time when you can expect your blog post to go live with the expected link. I will try to let you know that morning that it actually did go live with the link. It will go out to my facebook profile,  facebook page and appropriate facebook groups, twitter several times, linkedin profile and appropriate linkedin groups, google+ profile and appropriate google+ groups, appropriate pinterest boards, stumbleupon, delicious, digg, diigo, and scoop it! (if appropriate). Yes, I am all over the internet!

  Contact Info:

  • Email me through my CONTACT page to let you know you are interested in guest blogging. Then I will have your email  and I will email you back.


Guest Blogger Guidelines — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Cheryl, I’m interested. Love the uniqueness of your posting your guidelines here! Do you have a deadline? Are you running a “special” on guest bloggers at this time, or will this be an ongoing invitation?