God and Creativity

Is God creative?  Assuming you believe God is the Creator, then the answer has to be yes.

Merely by looking at the meaning of the words, create, creation, creative, you can see that they are all related.

Create means to form from nothing. Creation  is the act of creating. Creative is exerting the power of creation. Looking at these meanings you could logically say that God is creativity.

The image of God

I believe part of what we as humans carry as the image of God is creativity. Animals are not for the most part truly creative. Even the devil is not truly creative. He’s a copycatter, imitator, forger and counterfeiter. But we can be creative. Let’s show the image of God inside of us by being creative!

Some ways to use our creativity

There are numerous ways to be “creative” (form from nothing or form anew): arts of all kinds, crafts of all kinds, photography, making music, singing, dancing, drama, writing of almost any kind including stories and poetry, woodworking, designing of various sorts, decorating, cooking, brainstorming ideas, problem solving, inventing, gardening, landscaping, playing. Find at least one small thing to do each day that is totally new (creative). I believe this will keep your soul from dying inside.

Need more inspiration? Check out the creative every day challenge by Leah Piken Kolidas  from her website (click on the word link).

Some of my newest ways to be creative

I’ve recently started doing some art challenges….both making art in a journal (“art journaling”) and making art on index cards. See mosaic pictures of some of those recent experiments in art and creativity below. Also check out the flickr badge to the right..I’ve added in doodling, painting on canvases and mail art!


God and Creativity — 2 Comments

  1. I like your blog sooo much! I just created mine and I hope to expand it soon! (www.traceykfitness.wordpress.com)  Thanks for this on creativity. With Jesus living on the inside of me, I know that creativity abounds! Thanks for the ideas. Your ‘journal mosaics’ remind me of quilts, which I sometimes do! Thanks for your encouragement!

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