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Faith—Do You Have Any?

O.K., that was almost a trick question! We all have faith in something. It really is more a matter of in what or in whom do we place our faith. So the real question is, where do you place your faith?

Do you have faith in karma? In the goodness of the universe? In the law of attraction? Do you have faith in working hard? In pulling yourself up with your bootstraps? Do you have faith in superstition or “luck”? Do you have faith in the government or in welfare? Do you have faith in the church? In your family? In your friends? Do you have faith in having faith? In prayer? In the Bible?

Now some of those are “good” for us as Christians. But I propose that the best thing to have faith in is God, Himself—in a person. Why? Because if you are having faith in having faith then it is dependent upon you having enough faith! If you are having faith in prayer then you are depending upon yourself praying—if you prayed long enough, hard enough, the right things. Even faith in the Bible isn’t adequate. The Bible is just words printed on paper. It has to have the Holy Spirit to make it alive—it has to have the person of God—God, Himself.

One Way To Test Your Faith

O.K., back to the original question—do you have any faith? One way that I like to test myself in any given area to see if I am having faith in God in that area is to ask myself, “Am I trusting God in this? Am I relying on God in this?” This is not the totality of what faith is, but it is a huge part of it and I’m confident that if you ask yourself this question too, that you will discover whether or not you truly have your faith in God.

The other thing to look at is the opposite. Do you have any anxiety, worry or fear around the issue in question? If so, then you are not in faith. Anxiety, worry and fear are the opposites of faith and you cannot have both at the same time. If you are anxious or fearful, then you are not in faith.

How To Trust God

In order to truly trust God, you simply do what one part of the definition of trust is, namely, you commit the thing into the care of another [God, in this case] with complete confidence that the person to whom you are entrusting the thing to will keep it in complete safety. May I add that, God is completely worthy of this trust—He is completely trustworthy.

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