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Book Review: Rescue the Captors by Russell Stendal — 8 Comments

  1. HI Cheryl, What a sobering story. Chet Bitterman had a similar story – he was a classmate of mine in college, but he was actually killed by his captors. Praise God for the strong walks of these men and other men and women like them. Blessings, Amy

  2. Sounds a little like the book ‘Jungle Breezes’. It was an incredible book about Elam Stolzfus, who was born and raised Amish and became a born-again Christian missionary to Guatemala. He and his family had some awesome (and terrifying) adventures!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a powerful book. Love the quote “Our only hope is to admit our faults and failures. We don’t have to be perfect to come to God, but we do have to be honest.” God have recently dealt with me on a similar subject.