Spiritual Formation Coaching

Spiritual Formation CoachingWhat is spiritual formation? It is very similar to spiritual direction or Christian discipleship. It is basically about growing spiritually and becoming more like Christ and becoming more intimate with God—getting to know God better by having a real relationship with Him.

There seems to be some controversy as to what all these terms actually mean but the real controversy or misunderstanding would be in how that spiritual growth or intimacy is achieved and that is where I may differ from other people. I don’t believe there is only one right path to grow spiritually. We are all unique individual persons with unique relationships with Jesus Christ so each relationship with Him and journey toward Christlikeness will not look exactly the same.

There is also a lot of misunderstanding as to what spiritual direction or spiritual formation even is. That’s because people use those terms but actually have different definitions of them. Similar to the problem with new age things in general. New agers use words like Jesus, light and love and do not mean the same thing that we, Christians, do.

Lots of things in the “spiritual direction” movement have their roots in Catholicism. I am not Catholic but I don’t think everything is wrong with Catholic doctrine and lots of Catholics truly believe in Christ and have things of value to offer Protestants. So some things that I offer may have some connection to Catholicism. After all, Protestantism came out of Catholicism!

Any thing that I do or say that may seem to be new-agey is probably just a difference in definitions. Although there may be some issues that I think the new agers stole from Christians, the true God being the creator of everything and the enemy being the thief and copycatter of God’s works. Please talk with  or contact me to avoid misunderstandings.

Another term that seems to cause confusion is contemplative prayer. I do not advocate blanking out your mind, focusing on one word like a mantra, finding a channeling guide, or altered states of consciousness. If that is what you think contemplative prayer is, you are right in one sense, since some groups use that as their definition. I suppose we need some new words!

The other distinction I make though, is that I don’t believe silence is wrong. I believe there is a place for listening. I just don’t believe in actively blanking out your mind. But ordinary silence is helpful for those of us in this modern world who can’t seem to hear God because of the constant noise (radio, TV, computer videos, talking, music…). How can you hear God without a little silence? Must God always bust through all that noise? No, silence has a place in a true Christian’s devotional life.

If you would like to discuss in more detail how I define what I do or use in my spiritual formation coaching, please book a complimentary coaching session with me.

Why have a coach? Having a coach help you is like having a mentor take your hand and walk with you in this journey. The coach can help to guide you, encourage you, give you accountability and offer help along the way.

One thing that I sometimes work on with my clients is in developing some spiritual habits or disciplines all with the purpose of becoming closer to God. The spiritual disciplines are never to be an “end” in themselves. Some possible disciplines to work on are different kinds of prayer, Bible reading or meditation, fasting, worship and others.

Right now I am offering my spiritual formation coaching open-endedly, that is, I have no specific detailed program to guide you through. It is entirely individualized that way. I utilize all my life and other coach training, and prayer ministry training, as well as listen to the Holy Spirit for each session.

I will be developing and offering more detailed programs in the near future for those of you who prefer more structure. For some people, a little structure works out better.  Please check back in a few weeks for those.

What techniques or tools do I use in my coaching?

  •  Solid core life coaching principles as set forth by the International Federation of Coaching
  • Sound biblical principles
  • Christian coaching principles
  • Cognitive behavior techniques (limited) (things from the “world” are used if they work AND if they do not violate biblical principles or lead you more into “self”)
  •  Coaching, psychological (limited), or spiritual exercises
  • Partnering with the Holy Spirit in prayer for every client and every session
  • Decades of personal research, study and intimacy with God

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Christian Coaching Qualifications:

ff1e3f45343bfabeae9483682830abdcCertified Spiritual Formation Coach from the American Association of Christian Counselors, 2014



Certified Christian Life Coach insignia

Certified Christian Life Coach from the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy, 2007.



 Religious Affiliations and Background

I’ve been “saved” or “born again” since I was 11 years old.

I am a beloved daughter of the Most High God and of the King and Creator of all the universes. I am a God-fearing, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, Kingdom-minded Christ-follower.

I have roots in the Baptist, Methodist, Nondenominational, Charismatic and Prophetic circles of modern American Christendom. I regularly attend a local Christian church, various prayer groups, Christian conferences and silent retreats.

Prayer, inner healing, spiritual warfare and spiritual formation (spiritual growth) are my favorite topics of study and I have dozens of books on these subjects in my personal library.

I love connecting with God in a variety of ways including Bible study, prayer, worshiping, using creativity, and going to conferences and silent retreats.

To read my statement of faith go here.

To read my personal mission statement go here.

To read the Christian Coach Creed go here.


 A one-at-a-time 45 minute private coaching session Regularly $56

 8 weeks of private coaching paid in advance (45 minute sessions)
Regularly $240 (save $210 over the one-at-a-time session price!)

 8 wks. of buddy coaching (two people) paid in advance (60 min. sessions)
Regularly $160 each

8 wks. of triad coaching (three people) paid in advance (60 min. sessions)
 Regularly $107 each 

Please contact me for pricing on larger groups.

In-person coaching is available for an extra fee for middle Tennessee residents. For private one-on-one, in-person coaching in a local coffee shop in southern Williamson County please add $12 to any other published fees. Contact me for further details.

For more private and quiet  one-on-one, in-person coaching in an office in northern Maury County please add $50.00 to any published fees. This office is also subject to availability. Contact me for further details.

How do I get started?

  •  Email me through the CONTACT page—let me know you are interested so we can set up a mutually agreed-upon time for coaching calls and receive payment instructions
  •  Book a 30 minute Complimentary Coaching Consultation with me to see if we’re a good fit as coach and client and explore areas you want to work on. Go HERE
  • Leave me a phone message at 615.567.3288
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