Creativity Coaching

Creativity CoachingIs your soul feeling barren?

Have you lost your joy?

Did you “make art” decades ago and since then have somehow “lost” it?

Have you always wanted to learn how to paint but never got around to it?

Would you like to learn how to activate the right side of your brain—the same side of your brain where you hear God’s still small voice from?

Would you like a fun and easy way to create change and make major shifts in your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, creativity coaching is for you!!! 

 The Artist Within ProgramCreativity Coaching

  • I coach you through Whitney Ferre’s (now Freya) book, The Artist Within
  • Your guide to becoming creatively fit
  • Strengthen your own creative ability and turn that ability into reality
  • Learn and practice several different art projects and techniques
  • 8 weeks of private, buddy or group coaching via phone with customizable day/times available (scroll down for prices) Save money by organizing your own group!
  • Don’t remain “stuck”, receive breakthroughs in your life, make changes and shifts happen quickly
  • Receive quality coaching by an extensively trained and certified life and creativity coach to make your experience totally personalized. I have been personally trained by the author of this book. I am a “Creatively Fit” Coach.
  • Separate purchase required of the book, The Artist Within, and also various art supplies
  • Please note that this book is not coming from a strictly Christian perspective but I will be coaching you from a Christian perspective


What techniques or tools do I use in my coaching?

  •  Solid core life coaching principles as set forth by the International Federation of Coaching
  • Sound biblical principles
  • Christian coaching principles
  • Cognitive behavior techniques (limited)
  •  Coaching, psychological (limited), or spiritual exercises
  • Partnering with the Holy Spirit in prayer for every client and every session
  • Decades of personal research, study and intimacy with God

Check out my TESTIMONIALS.

 Creativity Coaching Qualifications

certified creativity coach

Certified Creatively Fit Coach (Creativity Coach), through Whitney Ferre (now Whitney Freya), author of “The Artist Within”, 2012.



 Art and Creativity Background

I’ve been doing “artsy” and “crafty” things since a little girl, starting out doing such things as sewing, knitting, crocheting, rug-hooking, macrame, and decoupage. Only recently did I learn that I could rightly call myself an “artist”.

Art journaling has been an avenue that the Lord has used to bring emotional healing to me. One of the most healing aspects of art journaling is that you literally can’t do anything wrong—anything is acceptable and even you don’t have to even like it! I’ve also learned, through my creativity training, that activating the right side of the brain (through art) is the same side of the brain that you connect with God. Love that!


A one-at-a-time 45 minute private coaching session Regularly $56

 8 weeks of private coaching paid in advance (45 minute sessions)
Regularly $240 (save $210 over the one-at-a-time session price!)

 8 wks. of buddy coaching (two people) paid in advance (60 min. sessions)
Regularly $160 each

8 wks. of triad coaching (three people) paid in advance (60 min. sessions)
 Regularly $107 each 

Please contact me for pricing on larger groups.

In-person coaching is available for an extra fee for middle Tennessee residents. For private one-on-one, in-person coaching in a local coffee shop in southern Williamson County please add $12 to any other published fees. Contact me for further details.

For more private and quiet  one-on-one, in-person coaching in an office in northern Maury County please add $50.00 to any published fees. This office is also subject to availability. Contact me for further details.


How do I get started?

  • Email me using the CONTACT page—let me know you are interested so we can set up a mutually agreed-upon time for coaching calls and receive payment instructions
  • Book a 30 minute Complimentary Coaching Consultation with me to see if we’re a good fit as coach and client and explore areas you want to work on. Go Here
  • Leave me a phone message at 615.567.3288
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