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Healthy Recipe Finds: Desserts

recipes for healthy dessertsNo, healthy desserts is not an oxymoron. If you are careful with your ingredients and eat anything that is sweet in moderation then it’s o.k.! Be careful of what your definition of moderation is though. Moderation in eating desserts is not every day let alone several times a day. I would save these even, “healthy desserts”, to true holidays and family celebrations, in other words, once or twice a month. As usual, you may need to make ingredient substitutions based on your own food intolerances or special dieting restrictions that you have. You can tell I like chocolate. 🙂

To view each recipe, click on the recipe title and you will be taken  to that page.

Let me know how these recipes work out for you in the comment section below or share your current healthy dessert recipe.

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