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  1. I struggled with this for years and I think so many women, even Christian women do, because in our society submission is seen as being weak or giving up all your rights and being under someone’s control. What turned the tide for me was reading a definition of submission as a military term (seriously!). In that light it means making the choice to follow someone, to ALLOW them to lead you. That set me free.

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  2. There is a lot of misunderstanding and bad teaching around this subject in my opinion. The actual gravity of the passage is on the men, we bear the responsibility of loving our wives as Christ loved the church, that He gave Himself up for it. Think of the implications of that. In Ephesians it reminds us that our wives are our glory. As husbands, we are supposed to empower, enable, and allow our wives to flourish and fulfill their dreams and purpose. When we do that, guess what she does for us?

  3. I think if the Church would focus as much on male leadership, and holding men accountable, as they did on a woman submitting, perhaps there would be a different atmosphere in her about submission. In my studies, I’ve found that the concept of submission to the headship of a husband is Biblical… BUT.. the way it’s presented in the church is anything but. I’m not responsible for my husband’s salvation, I’m not responsible for his actions. I have so many thoughts on this, that it would take my own post! But thank you so much for this post, it was incredibly thought provoking!

    • A lot of people, women in particular, have been wounded by the way these topics are presented and taught in the church. Glad this was thought provoking as that was one of my goals!