Please note that even though most of these testimonials are from my weight loss coaching, which I no longer specialize in, they still speak to my skill as a coach and my character as a Christian.

“I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Cheryl Cope. She has been an integral part of changing my life. Cheryl can go where many other coaches cannot. Cheryl was able to respectfully meet me on my Christian walk and lead me toward a closer walk with Christ resulting in a healthier lifestyle. Cheryl knows her stuff! I had tried so many other weight loss plans and they all came down to compliance to a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise. I know…. Many of you are shocked. Yep…. That was the problem. I wanted the sugar, junk food AND to lose weight! My problem was that I was willing to be obedient to God in every area, but this.

After working with Cheryl, instead of “trying to make myself” behave and put down the sugar, I was drawn to comply sweetly, swiftly and completely because my relationship with Christ was alive and real. I began to experience that I was a new creation in Christ. This did not happen overnight. I recall trying to find the correct eating plan, searching the internet and finally coming to the realization that her “List A” was exactly what I needed to do! I was a bit rebellious but even at my most shameful moments, I never felt judged by Cheryl. She tenderly looked for ways to lift me up. Cheryl prayed for me even when we weren’t in session. She would look up scriptures that I could hold onto throughout my struggles. Cheryl also utilizes effective secular coaching strategies. Every session I had goals and homework. Cheryl was always careful to create measurable, effective and doable goals. I highly recommend her!” R.R. (She wishes to remain anonymous.)

“I appreciated being part of this accountability group for weight loss. The weekly handouts helped keep me on track. The price was well worth it and Cheryl was able to spend personal time with each one of us during the group call-in.The most helpful was when Cheryl would keep us accountable to what we said we would accomplish the previous week. It was more likely I would do what I said I would do because I knew she was going to ask me. The devotionals were encouraging because it reminded me to trust God through this process”. Linda Young, founder of Linda Young Ministries


“I liked all the content in Cheryl’s weight loss group. It was excellent. It was something that I could keep going back to and use to review the strategies she gave us. I really liked meeting with other women on the phone and hearing about the strategies for weight loss that they’ve been doing. I think Cheryl is a really good coach and I like how she led the group. It was good.I thought the program was worthwhile and very positive for me.” Karen Wells, Owner of Karis Counselling Services


“I just completed a weight loss coaching group with Cheryl. Cheryl is a great listener and cares deeply for each person in the group. I was very impressed with her knowledge and attention to detail. Each week she would follow-up on my assignments and goals. Her notes were always precise. She also does a great job with encouragement. It was really a pleasure to work with Cheryl. You will not be disappointed if you hire Cheryl.” Debbie Luxton , Christian Life & Leadership Coach


“I came across Cheryl’s “God’s Glory Weight Loss Program” at the same time I was focusing on my health. I thought a “diet coach” would be a great asset to my success. After our first session I quickly realized that Cheryl isn’t a “diet coach” but a coach and motivator to change your thinking and emotional connection to food. This, I realized, was what I needed. I know the mechanics of weight loss, what I had not conquered and what was hindering my success was my thought process related to food. Cheryl’s encouraging support and positive suggestions really helped me learn a mindful thought process to food to put me in the drivers seat and help me learn to be in control of my eating decisions. And, the 10 pounds I lost during the program wasn’t too bad either.” Lanel Taylor of Taylored Office Solutions


“Just want you to know how much I appreciate the work you are doing. I think I have a long way to go, I don’t even know how far. Maybe, however, lasting change is just around the next bend. I do know that your help has been invaluable to me. I am learning more about the scientific side to weight loss and being encouraged that I can lose weight through some changes that will not be too difficult if I can let go of my fears and anxieties and soar with God as on eagles’ wings. I am learning about what lies have been embedded in my mind and replacing them with truths. I know you are providing a safe setting and provocative questions and helping me to do so. Thank you very much!!” Kelley Boyd, Keller Williams Realtor


RosalieGarde“I just finished diet coaching with coach Cheryl Cope.  I did her 8 week program where I saw a 14 pound weight loss.  Then I hit a plateau and signed up for another 8 sessions of general diet coaching spread over 16 weeks.  Not much budged during the second lot of sessions, but I can tell you the process has made me a better well-rounded person.

In diet coaching we addressed other life areas because it is all so intimately entwined.  I’ve learned that finding out what causes your weight gain is as individual as you are.  Cheryl presented a multitude of tips for me to apply to my life.  In applying them, Cheryl regularly reminded me there was no fail.  Since I was committed to the process, I stayed on course as much as I could.  I chose to believe in the process.  When I had setbacks, I rebooted my program.

The tips she taught me have crossed over into many other areas since a lot of them included goal setting.  You wouldn’t fathom the goals I set under her leadership.  It was not about how many pounds to lose, how many situps to do, etc.  No. the goals were unusual.  One was simply to write the word PACE in big letters and hang it in the house, being careful to move it to different locations every day.  The goal was to learn to pace myself better for an entire week.  To stop the crazy rushed feeling of dealing with competing priorities.  Another goal has been to remember to take supplements every day.  I started with bringing a little purse pill pack to my desk and realized there were many more supplements I should add.  Now I have a plastic basket full by my desk.  (Don’t worry, these are pretty normal things like D, Evening Primrose Oil, B-Complex, and so on).  Another goal has been to check labels and count protein and carbs.

All have been very challenging and doable goals.  As a result, my entire goal-setting process has improved.  I’m invigorated. ”    Rosalie Garde, Freelance Writer, Certified Life Purpose Coach


Linda-Young “My success came as a revelation that I can’t live and eat like I always have in the past. Before 40, it didn’t matter what I did or eat, my weight was always the same, I never had to worry about it. Through the incorporation of prayer from everyone and Cheryl’s encouragement to be open to changing my way of thinking, I finally “got it.” I was willing to change my thinking and realize I cannot go back to my past, I have to move forward differently, and that isn’t a bad thing. I probably lost between 5-8 lbs. Cheryl was always professional, never criticizing anything we said. Sometimes she would ask for clarification. She never gave us solutions but helped us come up with our own answers.” Linda Young, founder of Linda Young Ministries


“For me this program was a kick in the behind to get me started down the weight loss road. When the program ended I lost 8 pounds. I learned that failure is not an option. I think you did a great job as a facilitator! I found you to be very professional and really kept the group moving during the calls. Completely organized and welcoming every week. You gave each of us a turn, even if we didn’t want one! ” Melissa Campbell, Moms in Prayer Leader

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